It is with great honour that I can offer my first card deck - "Medicine for the Soul". l hope you enjoy working with these cards as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

The first inspiration for the cards came through to me one night back in 2008. Since then I have been on a journey designing and writing what has been coming through to me. lt has been an 8 year journey from start to completion.

These cards represent various themes and facets of Shamanic medicine; ranging from chakras to the four elements, to totem animals through to practical spiritual concepts. Each card holds a unique essense, vibration and medicine that will be interpreted differently by each individual who works with them.

These cards can be used for the purpose of healing, divination, affirmation, soul awakening, meditation and alignment.

Each card deck is presented in a wooden box with a hand-picked feather.


  • If you are based in Cape Town, please contact me to place your order and arrange collection. I also usually keep card decks at classes that I teach.
  • If you are in South Africa, please note that the shipping service is Postnet to Postnet. Cards will be delivered to your closest Postnet Branch and they will notify you.


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“Medicine for the Soul" Card deck has been channelled, conceptualised, designed and written by Leigh Goodman from Cape Town, South Africa
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